segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2009


Criado por Max Pollak,
inspirado na intensa energia
da Cultura Afro-Cubana,
Rumbatap combina elementos
de percussão corporal,
música e ritmo de forma

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  1. Oi Suely,
    Thank you very much for featuring my work on your blog, I really appreciate it! It is the greatest reward for an artist to feel that someone understands your artistic and emotional language and is doing something to support the vision. Brazil has always been one of my biggest inspirations, not just the art, also the philosophy and joy of life! I hope to bring my group to Brazil again in the near future. When it happens you will be the first to find out!
    Best wishes from New York, muito obrigado Max Pollak

    PS: Please check out this youtube link of my piece Mongo T, it is a tribute to Mongo Santamaria.
    I transcribed and choreographed an entire drum solo by him for my company.